As family portraits, we develop ideas, projects, and works that  show similarities and differences, particular personalities and common characters.

Sergio Sebastián´s Architecture Office was founded in 2006 and is based in Zaragoza.

The main field of work in the firm is Architecture, but we understand this has to be both a very wide and flexible concept, which has to give answers to different scales and objectives.

Nowadays, we work in different areas such as landscape, urbanism, building construction, restoration, industrial design, graphical design and museography.

The fields of our work and project have to be the same size, ranging from natural environment to urban contexts, both tiny villages and big cities.

All of them are valued the same way: like great opportunities to project and build.

Our works have been awarded with several prizes, as Domus Restauro e Conservazione Gold Medal, Arquitectura con EÑE, Triennale di Milano, MADA MOS Build, RTF India, Innomatnet Budapest,  Blue Stone Awards Belgium,  Ricardo Magdalena Trophy, and finalist or honorable mention in Europa Nostra, Arquia Próxima, Lumec-CLU, ASCER, SAIE Contest, Biennal Europea de Paisatge, Bienal Española de Arquitectura, García Mercadal, etc.



Sergio Sebastián Franco


PhD Architect  ETSA Madrid. 2016

Architect ETSA Madrid.  2002

Adjunt teacher  Architectonic Projects Teacher at EINA Universidad de Zaragoza since 2009





Expert in Judiciary Architecture/ Facilities 

Lighting / Landscape designer

Collaborator at Zenda Libros



WINNER XXXIII Fernando García-Mercadal Awards. Category: Interior Design and Ephimeral Architecture. 2018

WINNER City Brand&Tourism Landscape Award 2018. Consiglio Nazionale Architetti Pianificatori, Paesagisti, e Conservatori. Triennale di Milano. 2018

WINNER Lighting Design Awards LIT 2017. Los Angeles. 2018

1st PRIZE Arquitectura con EÑE. Luces de Arquitectura. IFEMA - COAM. 2016

FINALIST XV Premios Arquitectura CERÁMICA ASCER. 2016

1st PRIZE AI Acquisition International Excellence Awards 2016

1st PRIZE MADA Mos Build Architecture and Design International Awards. Moscú. 2015

1st PRIZE Innomatnet International Awards. New Materials in Building Industrie. Budapest. 2014

1st PRIZE Rethinking The Future International Awards. La India. 2014

1st PRIZE/ Gold MedalPremio Internazionale DOMUS Restauro e Conservazione. Italia 2013

1st PRIZE XXXIV Trofeo Ricardo Magdalena. Institución Fernando el Católico. 2013

3st PRIZE SAIE Contest International Archi-Europe. Urban regeneration and Development. 2012

SELECTED VII Bienal Europea de Paisaje. 2012

HONOUR MENTION Prémio Jornal-Larus arquitecturas. Equipamento urbano ibérico. 2011

FINALIST LUMEC CLU Foundation Philips Awards. SIDIM. Canadá. 2010

SELECTED Premio García Mercadal COAA. 2010

SELECTED Catálogo V Bienal Europea de Paisaje.2008

1st PRIZE concurso ideas para la rehabilitación del horno tradicional de Anento.2007

3rd PRIZE concurso internacional ideas restringidoPabellón de la “sed” EXPOZARAGOZA’08. 2006

1st PRIZE concurso internacional de ideas “ILUMINAR MADRID” COAM. 2004

1st PRIZE concurso de ideas recinto ferial y edificio multiusos. Calatayud 2002

WINNER II Arquitectura con EÑE Awards. Category: Luces de Arquitectura. IFEMA - COAM. 2018

WINNER XXXIX Trofeo Ricardo Magdalena. IFC. 2018

3rd PRIZE Global Architecture and Design Awards RTF. 2018

SELECTED XIII Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo. 2016

SELECTED IX Bienal Europea de Paisaje. 2016

1st PRIZE International Award for Historic Architectural Renovations in Build Magazine’s. 2015

FINALIST Premio Piranesi. Accademia Adrianea di Roma. 2014

HONOUR MENTION Europa Nostra Awards. European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage. 2014

WINNER XXXIV Trofeo Ricardo Magdalena. IFC. 2013

FINALIST Premio García-Mercadal COAAragón. 2013

1st PRIZE Blue Stone Awards Carrieres du Hainaut. Bélgica. 2013

ACCÉSIT Trofeo Ricardo Magdalena. IFC.. 2012

SELECTED Premios Arquitectura en Positivo. CSCAE. 2012

FINALIST Premio García-Mercadal COAAragón. 2011

FINALIST Premios Arquia/Proxima Fundación Caja de Arquitectos. 2010

SELECTED VI Bienal Europea de Paisaje.2010

1st PRIZE concurso edificio 30 viviendas sociales en Calatayud. 2008

1st PRIZE concurso de ideas para sala cultural multiusos y centro arqueológico. Daroca. 2007

1st PRIZE concurso plazas Marcial, Darío Pérez, Primo de Rivera y San Miguel de Calatayud. 2006

SELECTED Catálogo de espacio público Premio Europeo Urban CCCB. 2006

SELECTED IV Bienal Europea de Paisaje. 2006

1st PRIZE concurso de diseño de la imagen corporativa del II Congreso ACHE Hormigón Estructural. Madrid. 2003

2nd PRIZE concurso de ideas diseño del Mueble de Manacor.  2002  

2nd PRIZE concurso de ideas pabellón de la UNED en la Feria del Libro. Madrid. 2001



SOLID Arquitectura Soto-Maroto

Chief Architect Competitions team 2003-06:


1st PRIZE Seoul Performing Arts Center. 2005

2nd PRIZE Restricted competition: Rehabilitación embajada y consulado de Francia en España. 2005

1st PRIZE Restricted competition: Rehabilitación de un edificio de viviendas. empresa municipal de la vivienda. MADRID 2004

HONOUR MENTION concurso de ideas para la rehabilitación del ayuntamiento de San Fernando. CÁDIZ 2004

2º PRIZE concurso internacional de ideas para la biblioteca de la Universidad Palma de Mallorca. 2003






3rdPRIZE Restricted competition: Reordenación casco histórico de Pozuelo de Alarcón. 2005. 

3rd PRIZE Restricted competition: Ordenación del Parque del Agua. EXPOZARAGOZA 2008. 2005 

1st PRIZE concurso de ideas del Parque de las Palmeras de garrucha. ALMERÍA 2004             

1st PRIZE concurso internacional de ideas Museo Internacional de Arte Ibero. JAÉN 2003 

3rd PRIZE concurso de ideas para la ampliación del Parque del Alamillo. SEVILLA. 2003