Pêle-mêle is a composition made with different portraits of the members of a family, who did not have the possibility to appear in the same picture. Migrants, travellers, or simply separated by distance, all gathered in the wall of home, just to give a complete picture of the family


Guirnaldas   Garlands

Guirnaldas Garlands



Campanadas    Chimes

Campanadas  Chimes

Archeological Space  LIGHTING  intervention

Archeological Space LIGHTING intervention





Serpentinas   Streamers

Serpentinas Streamers

Campanas    Bells

Campanas  Bells

Archaeological Space   in Daroca

Archaeological Space in Daroca

Oven   of Anento

Oven of Anento

Restoration of Luna Palace´s   roof and eave

Restoration of Luna Palace´s roof and eave

High Court of Aragón   Masterplan

High Court of Aragón Masterplan

Manuble  ´s balcony

Manuble´s balcony

Star   viewpoints

Star viewpoints

5 squares   in Calatayud

5 squares in Calatayud


house   CC

house CC

House MM

House MM

House   JI

House JI

House   RI-Bota

House RI-Bota

House   Margarita

House Margarita

House   FT

House FT



City of Justice   Zaragoza

City of Justice Zaragoza

Zaragoza´s Main Court´s extension

Zaragoza´s Main Court´s extension

High Court of Huesca

High Court of Huesca

marquesina   Daroca bus shelter

marquesina Daroca bus shelter

Emergentes   exhibition

Emergentes exhibition

Chill Out   shop Madrid

Chill Out shop Madrid

Ailobiu   beauty center 

Ailobiu beauty center